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Age: 33 yearsZodiac sign: AriesHair color: BrownEyes color: blackImplants: MediumGenitals: Medium: 14-17cm. (5.5-6.7inch)Height: 168 cmBody type: Averagesmoker: RarelyLanguages: English, French, Spanish, Italian
Go to parties: DependsOther cities: YesOther countries: YesAvailable: OutcallGift: -Schedule: 10AM - 22PM , by appointment.......

Contact me: Phone or e-mail!Location: BUCHARESTArea: Hotel / Client
Message from Dana Transex
VIP High class Transsex Escort in Bucharest


E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.dana-ts.webstarts.com


Dana, Transsexual Escort in Bucharest, Romania

*****When you call me, please don't forget to tell me you found my advert on Dame De Lux ! Thanks.*****
Phone number:(004) 0722785801
Sexual preferences
Sexual orientation: Straight
French kissYesStripteaseNoErotic massageYesHandjobYesLicking balls (active)YesLicking balls (passive)YesAnilingus (active)DependsAnilingus (passive)YesOral w/o condomYesOral w/o condom (pass.)YesDeepthroatNoProstate massageYesProstate massage (pass.)YesAnal sex (active)DependsAnal sex (passive)Yes69YesSex toysNoAccept cum on faceDependsAccept cum in mouthDependsAccept cum on bodyYesAccept couples MFNoGroup sex (with men)NoGroup sex (with girls)NoGay showNoBoyfriend for gay showNo

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(004) 0722785801

When you call me, please inform me you found my advert on DameDeLux
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