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According to The Romanian Law No 196/2003 regarding the prevention and fighting of pornography, as well to The Romanian Law 496/2004 which amends and completes the above mentioned law, we inform you the following:




Thank you for choosing to use the services provided by DameDeLux.com!

Like any virtual environment that is desired to be safe and balanced, the applications and the use of this website are subjected to certain "Terms and Conditions", regarding which your consent is implicitly confirmed by pressing the "ENTER (+18)" button on the entry page, without which, the access to the inside pages of this website is not possible under normal operating conditions. 


Art. - 01. By accessing any inner page of the Website, you are implicitly confirming that you have read, understood and fully consciously accepted the "Terms and conditions" for using this Website, its dispositions having legal contractual agreement value between you and the Website's representatives.

Art. - 02. By expressing your acceptance of the "Terms and Conditions" for using this Website you are certifying on your own accord that you are a person that is at least 18 years of age legally and generally do not feel offended by the information and images with explicit content intended to adults only (nudity). 

Art. - 03. The accord on the present clauses included in "Terms and Conditions" will be considered given by the user by clicking "ENTER (+18)" button. Attention! Without pressing this button, in normal conditions, access to the inner pages of this website it is not possible. 


Art. - 04. According to the "Law on preventing and fighting pornography", no 196/2003, as well as Law no 496/2004, developed on amending the Law no. 196/2003, we inform you the following:
a) This website contains information and graphic content destined exclusively to adults.


c) This website is not recommended to chaste persons.

Art. - 05. The dispositions as written in the "Terms and Conditions" must be read fully and carefully, because they represent an imperative factor in achieving full understanding on the nature of the displayed content of this Website and expressing, in the case that you agree with them, your own consent, necessary to receive access to view the inner pages. 

Art. - 06. The explicit accept regarding the Website's "Terms and Conditions" represents the entire and unique (contractual) agreement between you and the Website's representatives.

Art. - 07. If you do not fully agree to the Website's "Terms and Conditions" you are free to leave this Website at any moment, without any formality or obligation.

Art. - 08. The Website reserves its right to change and update, at any given moment, its content and shape as well as the "Terms and Conditions" section for using this Website, without any prior or following notification, reason for which:
a) We ask you to visit this section on a regular basis in order to be up-to-date with any potential changes that might occur.
b) If you do not agree with the new provisions and the effect of these possible changes, you may terminate immediately and open (of any clause) accessing the Site.

Art. - 09. Any person using this Website is required to be of legal age (a minimum of 18 years old), thus having the responsibility of knowing the current laws in effect and thus being unable to claim ignorance or not understanding the personal obligations regarding any violation of the laws currently in effect.

Art. - 10. The Website cannot guarantee (and it does not) that functionalities as well as any other data (text, graphic content, photos, videos, related information, etc.) included in its pages will be displayed and available without any downtime or errors, and also that the interactive platform along with the server that supports it can't contain at some times (even for extremely short time intervals) viruses, routines or malware even if the Website's administrators are doing everything possible to avoid such occurrences.

Art. - 11. The Website assumes no responsibility if its services cannot be accessed by its users, for an unlimited or undetermined amount of time, for any technical, administrative, organizational, legal or commercial reason.

Art. - 12. Be aware that any transmission of data to and from this Site may be intercepted by malicious third parties and thus your privacy cannot be guaranteed. 

General terms regarding usage of this Website

Art. - 13. The Website's purpose is to create a virtual environment where the users interested have the possibility to get to know, exchange ideas or to find partners for various types of relationships.

Art. - 14. The users of this Website can create personal accounts and, based on these, can display announcements in order to identify potential partners.

Art. - 15. In conformity with the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10th December 1948, the Website offers complete freedom to its users in expressing and displaying personal options manifested in a private environment, including regarding intimate relations, as long as these does not imply facilitating or committing actions incriminated by the Law.

Art. - 16. The Website is not an employer or empowered person for any natural or legal person or any other type of entity referred to in the announcements posted on the website and it doesn't function as an agency or call-center. 

Art. - 17. This Website acts only as a virtual environment for posting announcements conceived, written and posted exclusively by the registered users.

Art. - 18. This website is strictly forbidden to persons that practice prostitution or pimping.

Art. - 19. Your interest regarding this website must have a STRICTLY PRIVATE agenda and character, and accessing the inner pages in public spaces is forbidden. Usage of any information found on this website will be made EXCLUSIVELY for a personal goal.

Art. - 20. Given that the site's activity is limited to displaying information inserted by users, the responsibility regarding the form, content, veracity and authenticity of these materials (text or graphics) belongs exclusively to those that post them (the users).

Art. - 21. The Website's administrators are permanently available to listen to any suggestions or ideas regarding improvement of the Website's activity and functionalities, and if proven viable, achievable and in accordance with the desired interests, we assure you that all necessary steps will be taken to implement them.

Art. - 22. By registering to this Website you agree to receive any type of communication via e-mail from the administrators, informative as well as commercial (advertisements).

Intelectual property

Art. - 23. By accepting the Website's "Terms and Conditions" you agree to conform and abide by the No. 8/1996 Law regarding copyright and related rights, thus acknowledging that you are forbidden to add or submit to the Website materials, information and data that violates any author rights, registered trademarks, patents or any other proprietary rights connected to any third party, individuals or entity.

Art. - 24. By submitting data (textual or graphical in nature) to the Website, you authorize and give implicit accord to the administrators the free right, unrestricted and irrevocably to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, display or create content derived from this data (partial or in full), on a national or international level, or to use them in any various other projects.

Art. - 25. The Website's content and design, specifically everything that regards graphical and ideatical concept, texts, slogans, photos, graphical sketches, drawings, mixed images, databases accessible through the platform of interactivity (also owned by the Website's representatives) available to the users, as well as any other content embedded in the Website's platform, are intellectual property protected by the romanian and international legislation on copyright and related rights.

Art. - 26. The users will be warned regarding the Website's copyright at the bottom of every page by the “Copyright - 2006 © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED” text.

Art. - 27. Regarding any information or content published on the Website by registered users, partners or third parties, the author rights and the implicit responsibility belongs exclusively to those who published that information or content of any kind (registered users).

Personal use

Art. - 28. Personal use is defined as that main real right, dismemberment (separation of the real distinct rights - ownership, usage and disposal) of the property right, which gives the holder the attributes of possession and use on an item owned by somebody else, but only within the necessary limits to satisfy his own and his family's needs.
The holder of the right of use can be only an individual (not a company or any type of juridical entity).

The right of use is purely personal, meaning that the user can't alienate the benefits and emoluments of his rights.

Art. - 29. Using this Website for any other purposes other than the one foreseen in the "Terms and Conditions" is strictly forbidden.

Art. - 30. The permission to use the Website does not include any collecting, aggregation, copying, duplicating, displaying, or derivative usage rights of its content and neither the right to exploit or collect data, to use bots or web spiders (an amplified computer program that is capable of performing a sophisticated recursive exploration on Internet) or any other similar data collectors, without the prior written consent of the Website’s administrators. 
Limited exception from the prohibition above are the Internet search engines and public non-commercial archives that use tools to collect information for the sole purpose of displaying hyperlinks to the Website.

Unauthorized usage

Art. - 31. The Website's content is destined exclusively for personal use.

Art. - 32. It is strictly forbidden and punishable by Law the following:

a) -removing the markings that certify the ownership rights (copyright) of the Website on a particular content (text, slogans, photos, graphical sketches, drawings, mixed images, etc.) or parts thereof;
b) -direct or indirect participation to modifying / altering the form or content of this Website by any means, as well as publishing, selling, loaning, cession, donating, transmitting or retransmitting by any ways or means of its integral content or parts of it;
c) -reproducing or storing content of any type (shape, graphical or ideational concept, text, slogans, photos, graphical sketches, drawings, mixed images, databases, user interfaces, etc.) belonging to the Website, in full or parts of it to another website or server as well as any other media for storing information if the direct or collateral purpose of their activity is a commercial one;
d) -modifying, translating in any language or reprograming in any programming language the partial or full content of the Website;
e) -creating derivative works from the Website’s content (shape, graphical or ideational concept, text, slogans, photos, graphical sketches, drawings, mixed images, databases, user interfaces, etc.) or from parts of it;
f) -use of retro engineering (practice of analyzing a final product to see the manner in which it was conceived / produced) for any part of the Site, unless you are expressly permitted by the present legislation;
g) Selling, offering for sale, transferring to third parties or patenting in full or parts of the content (shape, graphical or ideational concept, text, slogans, photos, graphical sketches, drawings, mixed images, databases, user interfaces, etc.) belonging to the Website.
h) -using any technologies, web spiders, automatic devices, specialized computer software or manual processes having as goal monitoring, data mining, collecting, copying or storing data contained by the servers belonging to the Website;
i) -displaying or transmitting through the Site any type of illegal or misleading material, having illegal or deceitful character, whether it is prefigured, concrete or just as a suggestion;
j) -displaying or transmitting of any type of information that contains false or likely to mislead elements or indications;
k) -accessing/using the Website in any other way than the usual one, that for which it was designed and which, consequently, would unfavorably affect its performance or functionality or its related IT systems and networks;
l) -uploading, transmitting or using any device, technology, programming routine or viruses of any type which by their presence might prejudice the proper working of the Site or equipment through which it works;
m) -using the Website to display links to other websites, posting or transmitting advertisements or any type of enunciation ad referring to trade marks, products or services, without priory obtaining the written consent of the Website's administrators.

Art. - 33. The requests for using the Website for any other purposes than for personal use can be sent by using the contact form on the „Contact" page.

Art. - 34. We claim the right (but have no obligation) to correct, modify, reject, remove or request you directly to, under penalty of suspension of your account, any type of data or content uploaded by you, that in our opinion violates the agreements contained in the "Terms and Conditions", has the potential to cause harm, to endanger the life or integrity of other persons, violates civil rights, is defamatory, racist, discriminating, malevolent or can negatively alter the Website's reputation or it's visitors, members and collaborators.

Art. - 35. If you feel that the presence of a certain content available on the Website infringes your intellectual property rights, privacy rights or any other personal or collective rights, please inform us immediately of this fact by using the contact form on the „Contact" page.

Limitation of liability

Art. - 36. For any type of data uploaded by the users, partners on contract basis or various other third parties, the Website functions under a hosting regime and thus, objectively and impartially thinking, can't be held liable for that content or for the effects that might occur in the public plan.

Art. - 37. Although we strive to identify and remove any information (text, graphics, photos), announcements or comments that would violate the principles of a correct, real and accurate information process, there is the indisputable possibility that certain content (text, graphics, photos, related information etc.), announcement or comment posted by registered users or by third parties does not respect the rules that we would wish imperatives.
If you identify such situations, please inform us immediately of this fact by using the contact form on the „Contact" page.

Art. - 38. The administrators as well as the entire maintenance team undertake to make permanent efforts to constantly and substantially improve the functioning parameters and the structural capability of the Website in order to satisfy all your demands regarding the availability and the speed of transmitting information, however we cannot and do not guarantee that our efforts will fully rise to the demands and requests of all our users because many of the targeted performance coordinates are not up to us or within our power to influence their positive evolution.

Art. - 39. Excepting the clauses within the "Terms and Conditions" in which there are expressly specified the conditions or prerogatives for assuming responsibility as well as the legal provision that force certain responsibilities, any action or step taken by the Website is relieved of obligations, liabilities or imputation.

Restrictions, changes, impossibilities

Art. - 40. The website's administrators may change, suspend or discontinue at any time any part of the Site, including its integral availability and functionality, of its database or its user interface, when there are legal, commercial, technical or security reasons to do so. 

Art. - 41. You agree that the Website will not be held liable (under any circumstances) to you or to any other third party for deleting your personal account or restricting the access to the services provided.

Art. - 42. The Website's administrators informs you that sometimes may occur undetermined periods of time when the website might become inaccessible, following unforeseen technical problems (fortuitous), for maintenance, updating or other operations necessary to be performed for the proper development of the activity.

Disclaimer and exemption

Art. - 43. Because the website cannot actively participate to the change of messages or social interactions (that happen as a consequence of accessing this virtual environment) between interested partners, in the case of disputes between users, you agree to relieve us of any responsibility, obligation, demand, or imputation regarding such events.

Final provisions

Art. - 44. The terms as written in the "Terms and Conditions" have the purpose to form the whole and unique accord between the Website and you regarding its usage.

Art. - 45. Our failure to apply or impose any term or provision written in the "Terms and Conditions" will not count as a derogation or waiver of the remaining obligations stipulated therein.

Art. - 46. If for any reason, a competent court of law finds any of the provisions included in the "Terms and Conditions" as being inapplicable or unenforceable, that provision will be treated as such while the rest of provisions still remain valid.

Please inform us of any known violation of the above "Terms and Conditions", as well as any bugs or improvement suggestions that you think it may lead to a better use of the Website.

Thank you!

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