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Message from Rebeka
Rebeka - 26 years - sexy brunette with a slim toned body, round bottom, perfect medium size boobs, always with a nice attitude and a smile on my face. :)

Independent Masseuse in Bucharest, Romania - Relaxing, sensual and erotic massage

Nothing can be compared with the tenderness of my sensual touches, my massage technique is an erotically charged experience, a genuine adventure of sensations, including a body slide to stimulate all of your senses leaving no part of your body untouched.

There is magic into my touches, there is comfort, healing, connection, warmth and melting pleasure.

Relax, receive and enjoy.

NEW PICTURES, natural, taken with my cellphone. Check my photo gallery!

Call me at (004) 0721935886 for bookings!

Contact: Phone call, WhatsApp, Viber, Email

*****When you call me, please don't forget to tell me you found my advert on Dame De Lux ! Thanks.*****
Phone number:(004) 0721935886

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(004) 0721935886

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