Animal roleplay/ Pet playAnimal roleplay/ Pet playAs the title itself suggests, this kind of "domestic" fiction, involvesthe role playing,the consentof being treated like a petandwww.damedelux.comlots and lots of imagination. The typical interaction is carried out between the partner that mimics a living creature (real or utopian), and the partner identified asa trainer or owner, thisbeingthe one whogives orders, provides protection, producesaffection and reacts like ...  Read moreImportant... about sex.Important... about sex. Sex is a subject everyone is talking about with aplomb and conviction, as when each individual that has passed through sufficient beds, in order to be able to brag about a wide experience, found everything he could in the field of feminine orgasms and personal ecstasy, or as though every young lady who has fully enjoyed the "forbidden fruit", became unquestionably the acquirer of absolute truth with regard to men and penises. But things are not at all like ...  Read moreControversies... about sex.Controversies... about sex.Sex is a subject everyone is talking about with aplomb and conviction, as when each individual that has passed through sufficient beds, in order to be able to brag about a wide experience, found everything he could in the field of feminine orgasms and personal ecstasy… or, as though every young lady who has fully enjoyed the "forbidden fruit", became unquestionably the acquirer of absolute truth with regard to penises, vaginas and all that lies between. Or separates them, as the ...  Read moreSadisme & MasochismeSadisme & MasochismeExchange of power followed in BDSM relationships, works based on a wide range of factors, activities and techniques, sometimes transformed into fetishes. From restricting the freedom of movement through the use of handcuffs, ropes or chains, up to exercising control over the other, by means of educational games or inducing/receiving pain, the "applications" from the "tough" category, can become, over time, essential to the own universe of those who focus on this unusual area of the human ...  Read moreDacryphilia/ DacrylagniaDacryphilia/ DacrylagniaWithout having any "family ties" with the passion for soap operas or with the misogynism inclined towards humiliation and vulnerability of the woman, dacryphilia includes those who are excited when they see... tears. Having a sensitive partner, prone to blubbering and various complaining, it is not always a disadvantage for those involved in relationships meant to be more "dramatic". In their "symptomatology", the trembling tears (frail or "flowing") of the partner, are exactly ...  Read moreShoe fetish/ RetifismShoe fetish/ RetifismOften confused with podophilia (feet worship), the fetish for footwear represents, however, a distinct preference which, as the name suggests, revolves around shoes (usually high heeled ones). It seems that men have more than a simple weakness in this regard, especially when it comes to a pair of shoes appreciated as... sexy (some feeling the need even to touch them gently, to smell them, to lick them). And they do it, of course, in a proper place (for romance), because the ...  Read moreUrophilia/ Urolagnia/ Golden ShowersUrophilia/ Urolagnia/ Golden ShowersThis fetish can take many forms, from those combined with voyeurism and exhibitionism (the pleasure of observing others or letting oneself be watched during urination), up to the pleasure obtained by wetting the clothes, wetting the partner or the own person with urine, or even its drinking. Whatever activity it generates, urophilia is a practice that easily causes blame, even when it takes place in private and does not affect the lives of those around. Although not many ...  Read moreTrichophilia/ Hair FetishismTrichophilia/ Hair FetishismThose "suffering" of this syndrome do not need sexy underwear, romantic music or dirty words to get into the atmosphere of "crazy" meetings, but only a partner, adept of the absolute "wild" appearance, who has not gone for a long time to the barber’s shop or beauty salon. The fetish defines, therefore, the attraction for the capillary adornment, seen strictly as a perceptual impetus. Men and women in love with the rebellious plaits, rich and bright, can feel a great attraction as ...  Read moreClaustrophiliaClaustrophiliaClaustrophilia is the opposite of claustrophoby. The claustrophobes are those people who cannot stand narrow, closed, suffocating perimeters, which induce them the persistent and unbearable sensation of lack of space... Claustrophiles instead (meaning those having the fetish of claustrophilia), cannot feel good otherwise, but in such spaces, where freedom of movement is restricted and (if possible) reduced to a minimum.Those ones are turned on by tight ...  Read moreRobot FetishismRobot FetishismIn a similar way to agalmatophilia, the robot fetishism (also known as technosexuality), is based on the aspiration to interact with a non-human being. Most of the times, this is materialized in role playing, using costumes that imitate the robotic conformation, or reproducing robotic movements or „artificial” sounds, characteristic to „intelligent machines”. When it comes to self-stimulation, the imagination represents the main „engine” factor of ...  Read moreCoprolaliaCoprolaliaThe generic term refers to the involuntary use of certain obscene or inappropriate words from the social perspective of "good manners", reflecting nevertheless the weakness of the fetishist in question, to get excited at the hearing of vulgar, indecent, "abject"... expressions. Those who develop this fetish, are able to reach the "climax" only when their ears are "tickled" with all sorts of trivial words, which instantaneously would make blush the prudish ones, from the scalp to the ...  Read moreSomnophiliaSomnophiliaWho does not like to admire his/her partner while sleeping, to provide him/her a gentle caress on his/her cheek or to cuddle next to feel his/her breath and warmth? Some people enjoy so much to surprise their half soul while sleeping, that the moment itself increases their pulse, sexually inciting them and preparing them for more... The reaction of those attached to this fetish, in relation with the person deepened in the world of dreams, varies from the simple "spying", up to the ...  Read moreBlood fetish/ HematolagniaBlood fetish/ HematolagniaAlthough the existence of vampires is nothing more than a myth very well handled by literature and commercial cinematic productions, there are situations in which people seem to resemble somehow with those creatures, dependent on the red fluid consumption. It is about, more precisely, the category of fetishists that get aroused only when they see the blood. But not in any context. Otherwise, they would be tempted to pass to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital, in order to obtain ...  Read moreParaphilic infantilismParaphilic infantilismAlthoughthe name sounds rather like a medical verdict pronounced terminally, the paraphilic infantilism (adult baby syndrome) is nothing more than an extremely popular fetish among fans of alternative strategies in the bedroom. For many, the connection with the childish inner, doesn't resume to watching in secret cartoons or to a video game addiction preserved up to forever, but it discretely extends also to their emotional life, leading to certain forms of private attitude, ...  Read moreAsphyxiophiliaAsphyxiophiliaFetish on many raises eyebrow disapprovingly, asphyxiophilia refers to the willingness to be choked during the orgasmic ascent or to resort to self-asphyxiation, as an extra "artifice" of masturbation. The followers of this extreme practice seem to love the thrill of lowering blood sugar, associated with the increase of excitation felt at the cerebral level (by reflex release of dopamine to the brain, to remit any suffering caused by the possible death by suffocation). Unlike ...  Read moreMask FetishMask FetishThe pleasure of wearing a mask during the bedroom games is not an invention of contemporaneity. This habit was frequently encountered and highly praised (in many other other rituals), since ancient times. Concealing the identity, the disguise, the mystery and all those enigmatic chimaeras triggered once the face is covered, nourish the power of disinhibitions and have the gift of bringing in the "atmosphere" an intriguing suspense, which the world needs sometimes, even if the reason to ...  Read morePlushophilia/ UrsusagalmatophiliaPlushophilia/ UrsusagalmatophiliaBriefly, this out of "standard" practice, can be defined as an exacerbated attraction to the plush and targets those who feel "boosted" when they see or touch objects of this material (especially in the range of toys). Similarly react when one or both parties on a possible "orgy", wears "fluffy" accessories which generally reflect the impersonation of an animal, having, however, nothing to do with zoophilia (erotic thrill, felt in relation to the real animals). According to the ...  Read moreUnderwear FetishismUnderwear FetishismThere is no new that men are crazy about tiny bikini, lacy underwear or "variations on the same topic" which succeed to turn their partner in a seductive temptress. Some of them go, though, much farther with the affection for intimate lingerie, which they crave to touch, smell, collect, to consider it crucial for the smooth performance of the "depraved" parties in which they want to venture, being aroused especially by the "dirty" one, which they get either from their half-souls ...  Read moreAgalmatophiliaAgalmatophiliaWhen they pass near a store, persons who have this fetish are interested rather in the puppets in the window than the clothing displayed for sale. Agalmatophilia means the sexual interest for artificial embodiments as puppets, statues or dolls, and the "derivatives" of this fetish includes the fantasy of interacting with these, the physical contact itself, the thought of transposing oneself or the partner in a similar physical existence (each of these "variants", causing in part, ...  Read moreLeather, latex or rubberLeather, latex or rubberWhile most people can hardly wait to get rid of clothes to be able to get to the "facts" (when preparing for a seductive "hot" play), people with this fetish cannot do anything unless one of the members involved in the act in question (or both), wears an appropriate outfit, made of leather, latex or rubber. The look, the smell, the feeling perceived to the touch of the material, are springs which raises their "tension" at maximum, preparing them to enjoy their inner feelings, as only ...  Read moreFoot Fetish/ Feet Worship/ PodophiliaFoot Fetish/ Feet Worship/ PodophiliaOf all types of predispositions exerted to objects or non-sexual parts of the body, foot attraction seems to be the most popular, particularly among men. This usually involves a tactile and olfactory interaction with partner’s toes, with the foot (especially the soles)or with the leg itself (including the shank orthe upper, femoral segment), parts that gets to be not only admired from a distance, but also smelled, caressed, kissed, licked or implicitly considered the focus of ...  Read more

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