Animal roleplay/ Pet play

Animal roleplay/ Pet play

Animal roleplay/ Pet play

As the title itself suggests, this kind of "domestic" fiction, involves the role playing, the consent of being treated like a pet and lots and lots of imagination.


The typical interaction is carried out between the partner that mimics a living creature (real or utopian), and the partner identified as a trainer or owner, this being the one who gives orders, provides protection, produces affection and reacts like any pet holder.


Everything up to a point, of course, whereas such "customs" do not become permanent, but are delimited in time and space, representing only regular occasions, when the protagonists give up the daily rigors label (social ones), in order to connect to a level that allows extremely simple, free and unconventional expressions. 


The one who plays the role of a pet, becomes in a way dependent on the authority and care of the "owner", and the latter (on his turn), it facilitates its needs. 


While the purpose of the scenario is not an exclusively erotic one, it may also include physical relations. "Distribution" may be limited to the active characters, but does not exclude the possible presence of other direct/indirect participants or observers. That, for broadening and diversifying the frame ground


This practice persistently experienced, requires the use of specific costumes or accessories, which are intended to maintain the illusion of truthfulness, a substitute often criticized for the offense brought against the human dignity (given that war, for example, is sometimes regarded as a heroic act). Ironically, isn’t it!?


But, as long as things remain at the stage of peaceful and consensual playing, without involving acts of humiliation, violence or cruelty, no one should have any objections against those who only want to take an occasionally refuge in the primary area of basic instincts.

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