Controversies... about sex.

Controversies... about sex.

Controversies... about sex.

Sex is a subject everyone is talking about with aplomb and conviction, as when each individual that has passed through sufficient beds, in order to be able to brag about a wide experience, found everything he could in the field of feminine orgasms and personal ecstasy… or, as though every young lady who has fully enjoyed the "forbidden fruit", became unquestionably the acquirer of absolute truth with regard to penises, vaginas and all that lies between. Or separates them, as the case!


Someone's vision about sex, as well the knowledge relating thereto, is normally based on the personal experience, on the drinking buddies or soul friends one, on the myths circulating widely in the society or "the superlatives" presented in the porn movies, as terms of a normality that anyone can access.


Unfortunately, many of these sources of enrichment of the erotic horizon exposes sometimes, only one facet of the "problem".  Other times they bring more confusion than clarification and, in the worst cases, total outrage, offering fake data or information which are incompatible with the reality. 


The field is always inexhaustible and slippery, and the information should be constantly checked and studied, at least in theory, even practically (because any novelty in addition is welcome, useful and interesting, serves not only in understanding the partner and deciphering the ins and outs of this intimate interaction, but also to self-knowledge).


Among the things that many speak about, but only some of them are doing it in full knowledge of the facts, there are included the following ones:


1. Female orgasm versus male orgasm… by the numbers.

Everyone laments the complicated fate of the woman who, as it is said, often reaches orgasm much less than man can do. And when succeeds, the means are good minutes of foreplay, men's unbeatable skills and the romantic atmosphere as in the syrupy telenovelas on TV. Beyond the relativity of this truth, what statistics and experience say about the “orgasmic” differences between the two sexes, is (this time) favorable for women. Because, while men feel the sexual climax (only) for 5-6 seconds, the ladies enjoy, on average, the explosive euphoria of the "supreme" moment, a little while longer, approximately 20 seconds. So… good news for clit owners!


2. Dissimulating orgasm or "Oh, honey, it was so good!" 

Women are regarded with suspicion not only when they go shopping with a freshly supplied credit card in their purse, but also when in intimacy their decibels reach paroxysm, making clearly the demonstration of a love party on the gentlemen’s taste who want it "quickly, intensely and efficiently", as well of the own demanding appetite. That is, when experiencing a seemingly overwhelming orgasm, to the delight of the partner’s senses and hearing, it is possible that in reality it is not as it looks like. Studies are in the support of the second variant, showing that two-thirds of women get used to dissimulate climax, to exclaim more than necessary, to scream, to exacerbate their feelings... and then (possibly), to dream to the Oscar for interpretation. Reasons for "the theatrical act" certainly are multiple. Intuitively, they can be correlated with insecurity, fear of intimacy, the desire to protect the partner’s feelings or to "diplomatically" complete an episode seen as leading nowhere.


3. Women have few partners along, men - a dozen!

What (again) it is said, in general terms, about the particularities that separates women from men, is the fact that fair sex representatives are stable in their relationships, while males prefer to change their partners as socks, seeking novelty, diversity or adrenaline.


Researches seems to confirm this traditional distinction, whereas women questioned on this subject indicate a small number of partners, while men, naturally, declare vice versa. According to official results, the former ones have on average 4 partners of sex (along their lifetime), and their "counterparties" 7. However, researchers maintain serious reserves concerning the veracity of replies given by both categories of subjects, noting the woman's tendency to underestimate the number, and the men's to "increase" it.


The explanation, at all unpredictable, is that both one and the other, choose to respond according to what they think is expected from them: seriousness, stability and decency (females), respectively, wide experience, adventurer spirit and constant success (men).


4. In the summer, women’s appetite is flourishing.

Ironically, it is said that woman's appetite increases when she is treated with, for instance, beautiful words, expensive jewelry, holidays to the Bahamas and everything her little heart thirsty of “authentic” delights might want. Looked scientifically, it seems that women's genuine eroticism is being triggered more easily in the summer season, when their olfactory sense "is working" to full parameters, and the damp air of the season carries away a lot of odors, all of them having stimulating and defining role. The picture is, of course, filled by the male line, whose sweat glands emit certain specific organic compounds, specific to the physical "tumult" triggered by sexual interest, and detected as such by the fine "nose" of women, increasing her desire and willingness to voluntarily participate to the tempting game of seduction.


In this context, it becomes understandable why in winter or when it's cold outside, it's raining, thundering or flashing, young ladies prove to be much less co-operating, and gentlemen are to supplement their efforts and imagination in their efforts to seduce.


5. What is the ideal duration of the sex party?

Many couples are facing problems related to time and performance. She claims a thorough foreplay, he wants promptness. She longs for endless minutes of consistent love, he enthuses and finishes quickly. She is dreaming of a "fairy tale" atmosphere, he is planning the sleep after...


Although women and men have different expectations regarding the sexual intercourse, experts say, for a maximum satisfaction felt by both partners, it should last between 7 and 13 minutes. Meaning, the ideal way! The reality is, however, slightly less generous to the human race, whereas the average time for sex, lies in the overwhelming majority of cases, somewhere between 3 and 7 minutes (studies say).


Which do not stop, however, the people, to still have sex, with a constant hope for “better” and undisguised pleasure, declaring themselves diehard fans of this delightful hobby, essential (to some) for survival.


6. „Miraculous” properties of vagina 

Some women want, at any price, a well-endowed partner and do not accept, under any circumstances, modest dimensions in the bedroom. As a matter of fact, most longs for extra centimeters and satisfactory thickness. Others, however, run from males who can be proud of it, thinking that a "too" big penis can transform their intimate moment into a chore of disliking, pain or “irreparable” subsequent effects. But things are not nearly so bleak.


Even if a large penis launches another type of challenges than a miniature sample or a normal one, not being able to get inside or to produce invaluable "damages" is excluded, because the vagina, when aroused, has the capacity to expand surprisingly, in both length and width, being able to double (as proportion) and receive therefore even the "visit" of a penis impressive to tears. Remember that babies come out from there as well... most of the time without problems. Because, in any case, it is not the stork who brings them!

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